• Name: MEMTIUM
  • Categories: Evaluation, Recomendation, Capacities, Skills.


This assessment model of cognitive abilities and learning capabilities has a clear utility for any educational system, both at institutional level and in any educational institution, to transfer learning content to students.

This tool will allow institutions to make proposals and recommendations of content to achieve training, with more likely assimilation, according to the capabilities and competences of the student.

MEMTIUM – Evaluation of skills and competences and training recommendation

When an institution needs to transfer efficiently these contents of learning, it is worth to have this tool to optimize the efficiency of their education systems, with the duty to ensure the success of its completion and capitalizing the student's effort to achieve their training.

Proposals and content recommendations

Human resources

This tool is useful for any corporate educational division responsible for the education or the design of training schedules of their staff.

Employment arena

Referring to the insertion of unemployed people, this tool can also determine the job seeker's profile, and compare it with the more generic profiles or frequent types of work performances, proposing professional functions where he/she could be more successful.

We can use the specific personal skills to redirect the efforts in the search of employment.

Also, with the assessment of the most relevant professional competence among their skills, you can redirect the unemployed people to the most demanded places in the market.

We can use the personal specific skills to redirect the search for the unemployed people, or on the contrary, to determine what skills should be specifically improved in order to be successful in the most frequent demands in their work environment.


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