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Techvolucion makes first artificial intelligence level to troubleshooting non-complex problems with large amounts of data (Big Data), running inference recommendation and prediction, which can be inserted in any computational process.

Artificial Intelligence

Top-level artificial intelligence for solving problems with a large amount of data.

Big Data

Analysis of large amount of data to extract previously unknown interesting patterns.

Virtual assistants

Automate customer service centers to offer operators valuable recommendations.

Control panel

All access in one control panel.

What we do

Artificial intelligence

The initial development ended in a neuroinspired artificial intelligence, obtained by Neuroinspired Algorithmic Processing Units, NAPU ' S, which analyses large amounts of data (Big Data) and gets results of them, allowing us to make predictions and recommendations, for example, with the evaluation of the cognitive and learning abilities or competence skills, which are extrapolated to any other process of evaluation that you want.

Algorithmic Processing Units

NAPU'S are efficient managers of large amounts of a simple problems or few problems with large amounts of data.

Neurological simulation processes

Our NAPU's acts in the same way that our brain, which develops a specific strategy for each action, but always respecting the neurologically limited processes and therefore applying the maximum efficiency with maximum optimization of resources available.

The revolution in Artificial Intelligence

How we work

We are able to implement a functional application using our "napu's" in a reduced development time and also have the experience to apply this knowledge rapidly in any production area.

We have successfully developed proprietary technology for the past three years and now we lead research projects and shared development with several universities.

We are already using this technology in different productive sectors successfully and achieving adequate profitability that allows the stability of the company.

We have the experience and ability to work with customers around the world, as we are already doing in Latin America.

We have a business model completely suitable to the needs of our customers, adapting to their delivery requirements easily.

Currently, all our services can be provided in Cloud mode, but can reside in private enterprise resources.

We can provide services in SaaS (Software as a Service) or licensing mode.

The most frequent service is done in an initial payment for adaptation and thereafter SaaS for consumption made.

NAPU ' S are efficient managers of large amounts of a simple problems or few problems with large amounts of data.

Already applied, among other projects, to make proposals and recommendations for achieving the success of training, according to the abilities and skills of candidates, and to make recommendations of employability.

We are a high performance professional team with extensive experience in many disciplines, such as psychology, pedagogy, neurology, Neurolinguistic Programming, programming in different environments, marketing, customer services, Community management, audiovisual developments and mobile applications.

All together and inspired by the idea of unlocking the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, we decided to launch a new research and development project to produce a new and simple first level artificial intelligence, which applies to any computational process.


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