Intelligent e-commerce project



  • Name: Intelligent e-commerce
  • Categories: E-commerce.


After multiple projects, many of the tools developed in them can be reoriented for a use that can offer innovative results for e-commerce.

Our artificial intelligence engine allows the achievement of predictive and inference recommendation. Its usefulness allows to determine patterns of consumption and consumer groups with similar preferences, accessing a forecast consumer behaviour.

Pattern detection

Detecting patterns allows to evaluate the interactions of direct communication by semantic groups, drawing direct user queries that reveal their demands and needs.

The launching of an exclusive access private social network for users of the platform allows the creation of specific marketing and consumption strategies for customers.


The handling of the information related to the reactions to campaigns or promotions within the social network provides an access to an immediate test bank to assess the potential of their success in the market.

All these and many other data can be processed by the artificial intelligence engine that can detect unpredictable patterns of behaviour and provide relevant information about user interactions between them and their relationships with their purchases, both through the data from the social network, such as the Big Data provided by the interaction on the platform, and the semantic analysis of the consults promoted by the platform.

How does it work?

The user who enters the platform and logs in, can receive, at any time, and depending on their preferences, specific and concrete proposals, receiving a limited amount of refined information and always of great interest to him, creating a unique differentiating factor over the other possible competing platforms.

With all this information, we can turn an e-commerce platform in an Intelligent e-commerce platform, to change the user experience into something totally unique and differentiated.


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