Car Brand Detector



  • Name: Car Brand Detector
  • Categories: Cars, Detection, Brands, Cameras.


This product allows the detection and identification of the vehicle manufacturer by processing the images provided by the cameras installed at the entrances of parking enclosure. In a first approach, we apply the results to marketing through personalized offers by the brand of the vehicle.

Customized marketing actions can be undertaken for different profiles associated with the vehicle brand.

The philosophy of the project is to create a fully customized specific application and to optimize the management of shopping malls, providing valuable information to increase their income.

This is achieved by obtaining information throughout the mall, storing it, treating it, processing it, and turning it into high value-added results.

Sistema de camaras de segurdiad

Nowadays, there has been a new product application as an additional security measure by combining the detection of the car plate and the car brand to identify possible illicit modifications and as a redundant control measure.


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