• Name: BankSecur
  • Categories: Alert, Security, Systems, Inference.


This product works with the collection of any type of data, its structuration and multiparametric analysis to provide knowledge, recommendations and predictions.

This solution works, among other data sources, with the access controls to systems, through analysis of system logs active directories.

These tests allow to establish recurrent access patterns that determine licit predictable behaviours, and at the same time, determine predictable anomalous behaviour which allows to predict illicit activities.

This way, new requirements for measures monitoring and control are established on users or access points, which may represent potential threats.

"Connectivity from any device, anywhere, at any time, is a necessity"

Sistema de camaras de segurdiad

In summary, the application of intelligent algorithms into security logic provides a new way of better control and prevention. It allows to work in real time, every hour, every day, with an strong increase of security and productivity, with reduced costs by enabling improvements to the control and supervision in an environment with an increasing number of cyberattacks, without increasing monitoring staff.

This solution adds value on any other set of rules, allowing real-time adaptation to any modification of the environment or circumstances without human intervention.

Future possibilities:

  • Performing an extension from detection and recommendation to prediction and hypothesis formulation.
  • To be automatically ahead of new threats that cannot be avoided or predicted by the old systems of rules but by our algorithmic processing unit due to the autonomous learning.


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